Chronicle Log 01

In Which the Krewe First Meets

David broke into Wolf's estate and dug him out of the rubble. They eat questionable leftovers together.

Words are had about what being a Sin-Eater do. David accepts the offer to live in Wolf's house.

Wolf informs the GM that he cleans his OWN secret areas.

Alex meets Guy Rice, a guy who has no concept of browser security. The toolbars, ye gods. She also meets Kyle.

An old lady ghost appears in the coffee shop. She wants Kyle to put a cup of black coffee at the window to look at.

Later, Kyle shows up at Alex's apartment to discuss ghosts and shit. Alex sees Wolf's ad. They decide to take Kyle's bike over to the estate.

Kyle and Alex end up coming in as tenants at Wolf's.

A police officer shows up to investigate David's break-in because of a concerned citizen, Wolf smoothes it over.

We all resolve to go on a ghost hunt!



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